Gmod is a wonderful sandbox game to enjoy your leisure time. It is such a game that keeps you absorbed so much that your boring moments can turn into interesting ones.

The author of the game is Garry Newman that is why it is called Garry’s mod, which means a mode created by Garry. It is a sandbox game, so it has no predefined objectives. It is you to do the whole nine yards. On this account, Gmod is the center of attraction by most players.

The name of his company is Facepunch Studio. In this way, this is the company that is the publisher of Gmod.

Gmod is a paid game. Although you need to pay before you can play it, yet an old version of Gmod is available for free from its original source company.

This game is famous for its two names Garry’s Mod or Gmod. The meaning of the two is same. In actual fact, in the early stages, Gmod wasn’t a game but it was just a mod of Half Life 2 another game by the same company and the same author.

It was in 2006 when Gmod came as a standalone game. It was then published by Valve Corporation for MS windows. As was stated above, Gmod isn’t a free game, you have to pay before you can access it, but if you want to download Garry’s Mod free full version on PC, then you’ve now come to right place.

After it was released as a standalone game in 2006, it began to winning its spurs with a nonstop series of its fans. And this sequence still continues to grow up each day that passes. Over a period of time, it kept on undergoing a lot of updates keeping in view its increasing popularity.

Some of the later updates were OS X port. This was added in 2010, while in 2013, a version for Linux was another addition. There is no doubt that it is not a full separate game as it is now no longer a mod of Half Life 2.

Gmod is now listed as a full game with the most common names of Gmod – Garry’s Mod is also in vogue by the senior players. The best thing about Gmod that made it win its spurs was that it was not built in predefined objectives as it is often seen in other games making the game boring and awful. Most visitors during their stay on our site; when they find that they can download Garry’s Mod free full version on PC, this fact comes as a bolt from the blue.

As was mentioned earlier that it is a game of full freedom because you can do what you want but at the same time, you need to be careful, you may have a taste of your own medicine. This is because when you create something you need to get over it. And if you fail to do so, you will have to face the music.