Body art is a form where you express yourself. From surgery to tattoos, body art defines a person’s status in the public. Such body arts tell us that our body is capable of adapting any form. Some people accept the fact that they like the artistic form of nature.

Ear gauging requires lot of patience, time and work. Earlobes have a capability of healing quickly depending upon the flexibility of your skin. Massaging Vitamin E oil helps in curing faster. The biggest question you ask yourself is when to start stretching and how much to stretch.

There are several ear stretching kit accessible in the market. You have numerous options in jewelry for ear stretching. If you know how to use your stretching kit then you can achieve your preferred goal.

It is necessary to know the rules of using a stretching kit to avoid any kind of infection or ripping:

  • You should massage your ear lobes two – three days before gauging to soften tissues.
  • Now, it’s time for gauging, hence first sterilize your kit.
  • Wash your hands as well as your ears with antiseptic soap.
  • Lubricating your ear gauge and ears with oil or gel is important as it helps to pierce smoothly.
  • Gently push your taper into your ear to stretch.
  • Push until one centimeter is left.
  • Leave the skin to cure before you try to stretch more.

If you have attained the size that you were looking for, then you can shop for various jewelries with different size and shapes. As mentioned above if you rush with your gauging you end up damaging your ear. Professionals suggest to wait for a month and not to jump to second stretch.

There are many gauges, which you can find in the market. Choose the right gauge as it might spoil your ears with infection. Let your ears breathe because when it heals the dead cells accumulate at one place. If they are not cleaned regularly they smell bad.