Over a time period, things change in their names. Online games used to be called video games back in the day. These games are now called online games as you are able to play them live from the available source.

Say goodbye to DVDs and CDs of games

You don’t now need disks, CDs, DVDs etc. as you had to do in the past. What you need is nothing more than an internet connection. If you have the one, you can enjoy these games without any hassle.

These games are basically played through the internet but you can also download and play them. In that case, these will come in the category of offline games. Another category of games is also there.

Unblocked and blocked games

Blocked games and unblocked games; unblocked games 77 are an example. Though you can also play the games on CDs or DVDs, it will be a foolish act to invest in purchasing them. This is because you can perform this task for free on the internet.

Various devices to enjoy the games

Whether you are going to paly online games or offline games, you need a network. You are able to enjoy unblocked games 77 on various devices that you may use commonly in your day to day life. You can enjoy them on your Laptop, PC, smart phone, ipads, Androids, iPhones, and consoles.

Different genres of online and offline games

In accordance with the genre, the games that you can get from unblocked games 77 contain strategy games, role playing games, first person shooters. In respect of virtual worlds, stages, and rounds, the games are actions, adventures, simulations and fictions. You can opt for as per your taste. There’s no doubt that games act out a very prominent role in our everyday life. Thousands of people on different platforms play online games and love to share the adventure with each other.